In the Cuban Missile Crisis would Che Guevara really have used the nuclear missiles?

Jul 2015
I was reading the Wikipedia article on Che Guevara and it states:

"A few weeks after the crisis, during an interview with the British communist newspaper the Daily Worker, Guevara was still fuming over the perceived Soviet betrayal and told correspondent Sam Russell that, if the missiles had been under Cuban control, they would have fired them off.[173] While expounding on the incident later, Guevara reiterated that the cause of socialist liberation against global "imperialist aggression" would ultimately have been worth the possibility of "millions of atomic war victims". "

Does anyone know the full context in which these remarks were made? Was Che claiming he would have done a preemptive nuclear attack on the US? What was he hoping to achieve and what would have been the outcome of such a decision?

Finally the real question is, if the Soviets were really so foolish as to give full control of the nuclear missiles to Cuba would Che Guevara actually have done what he claimed he would have done (nuclear strike on the US)?
May 2017
The real purpose of this international comedy was the retreat of the US missiles Tor and Jupiter instaled in Turky,and the interruption of the russian s construction of the submarine basis of Cienfuegos.


Ad Honorem
Mar 2012
I don't think Che or any other cuban were a person the soviets would allow to come close to the missiles.
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