In which years was this kind of film used? Agfa Isochrom Film, Agfa Superpan Feinkornfilm

Oct 2018
Well, this is packaging Agfa used pretty much unchanged throughout the 1930s. However, there are two things that may pinpoint it a bit more.

First, the Isochrom box shown only gives the film speed in degrees Scheiner. However, the ad on the right of the wrapper uses both degrees Scheiner and degrees DIN. The DIN system was introduced in January 1934, which gives us a firm terminus post quem. Isochrom was the first film where Agfa put DIN on the packaging. So the box shown would be one made before 1934, or at best in very early 1934, but the wrapper must definitely be 1934 or later.

Second, a box of Superpan Feinkornfilm is shown. The internet tells me that Agfa introduced a film called Isopan SS (for Super Speed, nothing more sinister) in 1935, with much higher sensitivity, to replace the rather slow Superpan Feinkorn. (The internet also tells me this was influenced by photojournalists, who needed a fine grain film to get decent picture quality even in enlargements, but were unhappy about the low sensitivity and consequently long exposure times of the earlier film. Studio photographers didn't have that problem.)

Of course a shop in Hong Kong might still be working its way through old stock (especially since the Superpan Feinkorn would have been the most expensive of the three films). But still, on the basis of the two date points given above, I'd date this to 1934 or 1935. Perhaps 1936 at the latest if the shop was very slow in selling its existing stock or updating its advertising.
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