In your opinion, how crucial was the creation of the machine gun to the development of warfare since that point in time?


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Jan 2017
Artillery was always reported as the biggest killer by far

however beware of too precise statistics ,
a lot of soldiers bodies were never found and became part of the no man's land litter as food for the rats
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Oct 2010
Could not be further from the truth. WW1 was probably the most artillery heavy war in history. Dennis Winter in "Death’s Men" claims around 75% of military casualties were from artillery, while John Keegan in ‘The Face of Battle’ estimates at around 70%.

Maybe a one paragraph text from a website called jhalpinww1technology is not a valid source, especially when it gives no citations.
And when it claims the first known use of the machine gun in ww1 on the western front was the battle of the somme, it can be dismissed as badly misinformed to such a degree only someone with not even a passing understanding of ww1 could have typed such a crazed mis truth.