In your opinion what was more powerful/influential overall, the Spanish Colonial Empire or French Colonial Empire?


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Dec 2014
Something like that, I suppose.

It's two slightly different things: Latin, that was used for very long for official written documents, and French, that became a prestige language much earlier than we think, and the diplomatic spoken language quit early.

I don't have the data at hand, but French was used internationally (well, mostly Europe) already in the early Renaisance.

(if my memory doesn't fail me, Marco Polo dictated his memoires in French, for example)

Oh Burgudian! I don´t know what language wrote Marco Polo.. what I know.. sorry what we have EVIDENCES it is Colón wrote in Spanish (and only Spanish)...

And what?

French was not Diplomacy language till 18th Century... as the treaties proved.. they were written in latin through 17th century with few translation to Spanish, French, Italian, German...

I think I shouldn´t to remember you what language used CHARLES I of Spain and V of Romans... in Brussels...but I will do.. he used Spanish... to talk with their Flemmish and Valonian noblemen...Althought the nature language in Charles was the French... and although he spoke in Dutch... he used Spanish to talk with Antwerpen.. sorry in Amberes. I will talk to you in my Spanish language....

A man who when he was 17 yo not even knew a word in it is said by Victor Valembois... Charles arrived to Spain being a Belgian teenager...and went Low Countries back being a whole of a Spaniard!... Vanitas, vanitas, et Omnias vanitas...
May 2019
Probably biased as I'm Spanish, but the Spanish Empire had the biggest impact out of both, at least in my book, specially considering the time stamps and historical context for both Empires at the time. I think the current legacy of the Spanish Empire is the most prominent one until this day, paired with the British Empire, but the French were actually pretty influential as well and it's not hard to see.
Jun 2017
I vote for the French. Admittedly, I am biased (I live in Maine). The French were the earliest settlers here if you discount the Scandinavians; in fact, our state is named for a French province. Although their tenure in Maine was somewhat brief, this wasn't the case in Canada. The Quebecois flooded into New England while the Acadians emigrated (forcibly) to Louisiana. I believe that their descendants have been more influential in American history and certainly in Canadian history. And the US and Canada have been the predominant forces in the new world.


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Oct 2015
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Pardon me about the previous comment about the gold coming also from North America, but here I find odd that many users from the USA refer to the “Mexico” as South America.



My teacher has always taught that Mexico is in North America.

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