India is a Space power now !



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Dec 2011
Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced today that India has successfully tested a missile which destroyed a satellite orbiting in a low earth orbit. India has now become the 4th nation after the USA, Russia and the PRC to develope this capability. The Prime Minister assured that no nation be worried about this capability as it was meant for a purely defensive role. India has become a Space power now. He congratulated our scientists and technocrats on this achievement.
This is a significant technological achievement. The satellite is moving at around 17k mph after all. To say the least, there are multiple systems that have to sync perfectly to pull this off.

After a little bit of reading, I found out that India has been putting satelites into orbit for about 4 decades. I had no idea.

I did some checking in Britannica and found that initially the USSR put some of the Indian satellites into space, but around 1980 the rockets were Indian made.

Indian Space Research Organisation | History, Structure, Facilities, & Facts

Congratulations to India and a big thank you to rvsakhadeo for the thread. My eyes were opened quite a bit due to this substantial achievement.
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Apr 2018
Mythical land.
Good to see all the charity money poured into India has been put to good use.
foreign aid is hardly anything,its almost negligible in case of india,indian's FM has also stated categorically that india's highest foreign aid providerer's aid is not needed at all and india does not want it,its like giving a peanut to elephant,thinking it will matter.
India tells Britain: We don't want your aid

and india gives out much more to aid other countries than it recieves anually(about 2600 crore recieved every year,and about 4000 crore given every year)
Does India receive aid from Foreign Countries? - FACTLY
Mar 2019
caste system, hindu nationalism, british colonial bureaucracy, common law, corruption, colonial traditions, its feudal lords keep the country backwards.

china was never impacted with colonialism, chinese also developed their own systems, they got rid of bureaucracy which was impediment in the way of development.

if british era colonial system was addressed, i dont think that hindu nationalists would even had the support they have today, it was because the system didn't work and large number of indians remained uneducated that it enabled hindu nationalists to win so much popular support, and now the mainstream indian politicians are wondering how to tackle this mess.

i think the biggest british weapon was the ones i listed, its bureaucracy, illiteracy etc which unfortunately no south asian govt has been able to challenge.

until and unless these colnial era remnants are not disposed, i dont think any country in subcontinent is going any where.