Indian English: Are western minds capable of its comprehension?

Are western minds able to understand indian expressions of English

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Aug 2019
Bengaluru, India/Sharjah, UAE
Since this is a native dialect of India which is the most popular in eastern hemisphere (Oceania is considered western), would there be issues understanding the manner of speech and therefore lead to misconstrual?

The emotions expressed in such a dialect are distinct to western hemisphere...

Hassan Minhaj did an episode on Indian politics in his patriot act show, wherein he is showing clip of Modiji promising to "return terrorism with full interest".

Now such a statement might shock western understanding.

Please discuss
Khos Amded

Welcome to Urdu History 101 lesson. Also know as Urdu Adab ek Virasat

I must say you guys have done a great, intellectual conversation here. Might I suggest wakie app, you can discuss in conference call with relevant people.

Urdu. Or rightly pronunciations as Ordu.

History (Herstory):

Background - Prakrit based languages exist, after Aryans invade native Indians and get naturalized themselves. Various types of prakrit in existence.

New Invaders (wrongly interpreted Islamic)... Ghazni, Ghurid. And finally... A politically stable Dehli Sultanat.

All persianized, yet not persian Invaders.Persianate culture introduced since Ghazni. The term sindh now pronounced as Hind.

The same event as Aryan conquest occurs. Instead of vedic sanskrit this time it's Dari Persian.

A new prakrit (get it) formed via apramabhasha now known as hindavi.

Dehli Sultanat moves it's capital south! Kaboom

The story of Deccani, A tongue untied begins

Ruler goes **** Dehli is where it at let's go back. Enlightened people be like naw man we cool here... New languages, diversity and distinct food and stuff yo!

Bahmani Sultanat established. Those people are like yo we stayed back to be grounded. So no high full of yourself persian grandeur. We know a bita sanskritis now so yee haw. Dakshin biatch. Now say it in Hindavi Dakhan. Wait up we ain't in Hind(Indus) no more. So Dakhini yeah? Slick make it official

Bahmanis got too good for their own sake. Enter reverse enlightenment aka corruption. Now the cheif ministers be like man our PM's drunk on nirvana let's get some moksha!

Bam. Deccan Sultanates. They be like hey yo people speaking different languages so you guys like 5 states ok. Oooh Vijayanagar Kingdom. Yo these guys respect diversity but don't mix not coool. Let's go ultimate alliance.

Deccan vs Dravidian. Finishing move!

Meanwhile Dehli Sultanat be like damn Mughal E Azam incoming (wish they had video cams and made a documentary instead huh)

Back in Deccan. After the win. Dude like we got Sanskrit, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Turkik now african languages also so many Dravidian including Marathi (was Dravidian those days, explain in a bit) so guys do one thing each kingdom just make it based on one of them yeah we cool.

Some Deccan states realise but this is not distinct. Let's conquer that state then. Meanwhile Akbar messenger, "Jahan pana, they got like unity in diversity and playing 5 states oops 4 states game" Akbar be like lemme solve jodha first so they'll make my movie. But yo din e illah hi. Coz I'm high and mighty Persian darbari. Direct unity of diversity ok?

Jahjangir time. You, you blackie. Sends prince. Crows and kites statement. Deccanis be like yo we Turks too but eat salt and came, so no thanks.

Cometh Aurangzeb. Mr. Azab! Mwahaha. I'm be called Alamgir mmmhmmm. Sees no persian in deccan. Learns all local languages. Retains Persian. Now same thing as Aryan invasion. Another prakrit descendant called hindostani or as the mighty Islamist sees it HINDUSTANI comes outta Dakhini mixed with Mughal Persian.

Shivaji be like this dude is too much Imma out of deccan Sultanat. He gonna make it all persian. So Imma do sanskrit now. Advent of hindutva. Farzand! (Persian word ironically only exists in Marathi now)

Why you ask? Aurangzeb wins all. Introduces persian. Back at Dehli Taj Mahal got ready! Oh Agra aga.

Wali Dakhni be like shivaji played aryan invader copy without invasion. Deccani no more it's hindostani now. But I'll take Deccani to Dehli 1700.

Poets be wow dude earth mud language you made such awesome work. But you know taj mahal not earth mud but marble and precious stone.

Say hello to rekhta, coz persian speakers struggled with deccani. Another semi prakrit incident. Meanwhile mass is speaking Hindustani due to Aurangzeb effect. Slowly distinct variants.

Poets finally crack it in Dehli. Zaban E Urdu E mualla coz they an exalted camp. Persian now fully Desi in South all poets brought it and so Urdu is a romantic language aka Mughal grandeur.

Eventually Bahadur Shah Zafar people are like no grandeur so just cut it short to Urdu ok we just a horde now. No more exalted camp.

British do magic trick, Avengers age of Ultron style. Hindi, Hindoo, Hinduistan. Ooo

Marathas be like damn it's too much now. We're fine with Hindustani as its now hindi. Lucknow nawab coughs muaf me with takalluf but Urdu is now Nawabi Lucknow flavour.

The rest we know. Muslim league.

Dil walon ke dil ka qaraar lotne hum aaye hai UP bihar lootne.

But all they got was Napak Pakistan and Bengali no chappals.

Then they be like Takleef I did but please muaf imma stay in India it's too far for our fat asses.

Partition. Hindi-Urdu split. Bollywood. Coz marathas ok with Hindustani remember.

Btw pak anthem is in Mughal Persian (Not Desi) except for the word ka.

Coming back Thackeray happens. But before? Persian and Sanskrit used to be one language. You can google it. The difference was exactly similar to hindi Urdu.

History repeats itself. And it will again. Another invasion another division, another Thackeray.

What else? Oh yeah Deccanis can't do standard Urdu well coz well freaking bahmanis as a policy... I mean didn't you understand what I wrote so far?

A lament Dakhini – All is just Dust and Gold
Languages in India are hail and hearty and 22 of them are designated as National Languages (more aspire for that status and may get it because of votes). One can appear for IFS, IAS and IPS in any one of those languages and in Arabic and Persian too, so do not worry about them.

What you have said in your post above is the reason Nehru adopted 'Manak/Shuddha' Hindi and not Hindustani.