Industrial Revolution in USA, social questions and comparison wie Europe


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Jan 2017
I got a hunch that early capitalism in the US was quite ruthless in it's employment of recent immigrants
recent migrants were even more removed from any fellowship feeling and were largely despised
this apply to today's immigrants under a thin varnish of humanitarian discourse ,
their main function is as expendable wage slaves for the educated middle class

farm laborers were a necessity of agriculture until mechanization around the turn of the century threw them into the city
urban life is in fact a population sink , the poors died quite a lot and need a constant replenishment from the surrounding rural areas
the recent arrival are used for the worst job , artisans and such "good" jobs operated a close shop system often within the family or relations

P.S. "there were large tracts of lands held by holder of Dutch aristocratic titles and tenant farmers "

the American word Boss is supposed to come from the Duch Baes ... chief ....master ...foreman


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
Another thing was that socialism, anarchism, communism, and so on came out of the French Revolution to a large degree. That Revolution did not have as much influence in the US. We still don't use the metric system for example. There is less of the medieval class system and such, at least outside of the south, but a lot of newer approaches didn't make it here. For example, votes in Congress are usually not on party lines.
In fact, only the ‘civilian economy” uses the English system of measures in the US. All academic and scientific research and engineering mostly uses the metric system and, of course, the military has been on the metric system for a very long time. The anachronism is the civilian economy and its continued use of the English system of measures.

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