Information on the Norman Sack of Rome 1084

Apr 2017
I can find remarkably little detailed information on the Norman sack of Rome in 1084 (mostly repeats of this: ).
The information implies the Pope's relationship with the Normans was rather poor and only out of necessity to defend against the German emperor, was this accurate?
What was the history of the Normans and the Papal States?
In the fallout of the pillaging of Rome how did this relationship change?
Was there further conflict between the Holy Roman Empire and the Normans after this?


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Oct 2011
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At Rome you can still walk along the "Way of the Normans" which was the street along which the Normans marched entering the city. The main personage to understand what happened in the Urbe is Robert "il Guiscardo", a Norman leader that also thanks to her relationships with the Pope was about the create a strong norman power in South Italy. He renounced to the expedition against Byzantium to run to help the Pope against Henry IV. So in a medieval context it was more a matter of relationship between the Papal authority and Robert more than between the Pope and the Normans [keep in mind that Robert declared himseld vassal of the Holy See, obtaining the title of Duke].

So I suggest to you to look for works about the life of Robert, to understand the context.