Inglorious basterds - Italian with Southern US accent

Aug 2010
Central Macedonia
[ame=""]YouTube - Fake Italian[/ame]

when you mix German, Italian and Brad's Pitt Texas accent, you can only get a hilarious, epic scene like this. :D

It is so funny to listen to Italian, spoken by a hypothetical "redneck" "hillbilly". :p
Jul 2008
I love this movie. I think this movie exemplifies why I thoroughly enjoy movies based on historical fiction.

I just wish more movies would make more of an attempt to make it obvious that it is fiction. Maybe they need big flashing letters to tell people that the movies are fictional.


Forum Staff
Jun 2009
land of Califia
I must be the only person that found this film to be ridiculously overrated. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

I will say that the German and Pitt's scenes were grand, there just weren't enough of them, especially Pitt.
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