Inglourious Basterds

Mar 2009
Iv'e just seen it,it is disgusting (men being scalped) and very untruful to ww2 history,in saying this,it was about ww2 and I do love ww2,so it gave me entertainment.

Question! In the movie a young german soldier was branded/ingrave an nazi symbol on his forehead (by the inglourious basterds)In ww2 history, did this happend during ww2? Like when nazi soldiers get caught,did the nazi soldiers get ingraved a nazi symbol on there bodies?
May 2009
Was a good bit of fun. The chap who played Landa was awesome. Its over the top but what else can you expect. Did drag a little at times and their should have been more of the bastards scalping people because honestly that is why it is so appealing.
Aug 2009
I just saw it and I think it was awesome. Funny, fast-paced, beautifully shot, and it involved lots of dead Nazis. What more could you ask for? Yes it wasn't remotely historically accurate, but it wasn't trying to be, just look at the ending (I won't spoil it for people!). And the "Jewhunter" Nazi was fantastic in it. Plus, it's about time someone made a Jewish revenge fantasy!
Jan 2008
Chile, Santiago
I completely and utterly hated the movie and the massively stupid revenge movie. I hated everything about it; every single thing.


Ad Honorem
Apr 2008
Not Tarantinos best effort, a bit hit and miss. Had some of his usual genius touches and also plenty of ham moments too. Loved the ending.
Mar 2009
Least the movie showed the American soldiers killiable,which is actually true history,unlike American base ww2 movie that protrays American soldiers as unkilliable.
I must admitt,when every single American soilder was being moed down it was a thrill to me,I was thinking hay for once German soldiers are protrayed as super soldiers.
Mar 2009
Hofheim, Germany
I watched it and loved it. I saw it in German with some friends and the German crowd loved it too.

It deliberatly is not historically accurate, as it portrays how the war should have been fought.