Instinct to the divine?

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
"Personally I'd be a bit careful about the idea that "the universe is beyond human understanding".

That was the understanding I got from the reason for considering the universe divine. Ie" I don't understand, therefore it's god/divine" . A text book argument from ignorance.

Perhaps I should have said beyond MY understanding; By that, I mean I'm unable to grasp some basic ideas.EG I can grasp the notion of 'the speed of light',until I try to understand the distances involved; a light DAY refers to numbers I can't get my head around. So too the numbers involved when we start to talk about say stars in the Milky Way, or the meaning of a singularity. The numbers are beyond me, and I lack the physics to understand concepts involved except at a REALLY dumbed down level.

I asked this question of an acquaintance ,who is an astro physicist;

Q What was there before the Big Bang?

A: The was no 'before'

I can grasp that, as long as long as I don't try to think about the notion of 'nothingness' ,even though we all enter a state of nothingness in dreamless sleep.

That being said, I consider my inability to understand due to my ignorance and intellectual shortcomings .The ideas of the immensity of the universe making it 'a kind of divinity' had never occurred to me.
Having only this week come across the notion, I am unable to agree..
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