Jun 2008
George Town Tasmania Australia
The British Museum and the Baha’i Faith have a history that, arguably, goes back to 1753. For it was in that year that an Act of Parliament received royal assent establishing the British Museum. In 1753 that great precursor of the Babi-Baha’i revelations, Shaykh Ahmad, was born in northeast Arabia in the district of Ahsa. Both the British Museum and Shaykh Ahmad helped to bring into the world something quite new and, of course, something quite different. :cool:

To read the history of these two institutions, for they both became in their quite different ways, institutions in their own right as the years went on, is to read about the gradual evolution of a labyrinth of artefacts, historical treasures and an institutional and organizational matrix that is now 250 years in the making. It is a matrix synonymous and synchronizing with what is in fact the timeline that is modern history. –Ron Price with thanks to the internet site “The British Museum,” 16 December 2008.

Here was a place to read, if
you wanted to read, a library
whose first phase, it was said,
was completed in 1852 when
the first stage of that wondrous
Reading Room was completed
and the first intimations of a
glorious revelation shone out
of that Black Pit on the eastern
periphery of Western civ which
students by their thousands upon
thousands now study in the many
liberal arts university degrees......

Excavations followed resulting in
priceless collections and unlocking
some of the mysterious hieroglyphics,
prehistory, ethnography & archaeology
while a spiritual excavation followed
the like of which has never been seen
nor will it ever be seen again in those
future annuals of planet’s humankind.

Ron Price
21 December 2008