Integrity - Does it really matter?

Sep 2015
Whilst we may all cheat a little bit, doing 80 in a 70 limit (UK motorway), for example, or 65+ on a US freeway; but if some people in "the in-group" are cheating (getting away with it), most people of that in-group, will begin to cheat, i mean cheat seriously.

Integrity is thus essential to human civilisation.


Forum Staff
Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
More than the educational system, it's the family to have to teach integrity to the children. This was my experience and school didn't give me something more or better.

And this is the problem nowadays: in our Western societies families are destroyed, too busy to think to transmit value to the children. End of history ... school can try and do this or that, but if at home the parents don't mind about the cultural luggage of the children ... there will be no hope.
Jun 2017
Leave out General Lee in your example and I am in agreement. I also second AlpinLuke that it the the family that should be teaching this and not the government.