Interesting animal facts

Mar 2017
Researching the amazing intelligence of the Octopus and relatives:
During the day, they mainly hide in the rocks ... they move around at night.

I've had a tiny baby octopus, bright red at that time, crawl in & out of the fingers of my bare hand. It was so neat to watch ... and feel.

I've seen an octopus chased by divers with flashlights. The octopus was trying to get away across a bare sand surface: BLUE! ... SPOTS! ... GREEN! ... RED! ... INK ... INK ... BLUE! ...

It was amazing to watch (he did find some rocks to disappear into).

I've also seen a bright red squid, body maybe 6" long, hunting in the first four inches of water. I saw those long tentacles shoot out ... I didn't see if it caught anything.
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Jan 2017
Darwin's Frog: First the female lays the eggs. Once the male guards them until the embryos, he ingests the eggs inside his vocal sac until they develop into tadpoles & they're ready to be vomited out of his mouth one at a time.