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Jun 2012
Darwin's Frog: First the female lays the eggs. Once the male guards them until the embryos, he ingests the eggs inside his vocal sac until they develop into tadpoles & they're ready to be vomited out of his mouth one at a time.
There is a species of small freshwater fighting fish in our place, we call it sepilai in Malay. The male would kind of hang around in the near vicinity when the female has laid the spawn. I can't say for sure if the spawn hatches on the water, or is kept somewhere on the male's body. More likely the former, I think.

Anyway, becos of the male's natural habit, an easy way to capture one is to roll a patch of banana leaf into a cylinder & tie it up with a little string of banana fibre, then float it on the water & put some sepilai spawn in it. Then you kind of approach slowly, after some time has passed, and you place your palms closing both open ends of the banana cylinder, and lift it up. Then you empty the contents into a small container, or just slowly into one cupped hand. More often than not, you will find an adult male in it.
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Mar 2017
Sadly, Koko the sign-talking gorilla is no longer with us. If you read her documented conversations, you will see a childlike mind ... but a sentient one, capable of abstract thought, double entendre puns, and social conversation.

The level of consciousness is documented, but not discussed much. It's a very sticky area when an "animal" displays all the mental competence of a 5-6 yr old human ... it treads on long held beliefs in scientific & religious disciplines. It gets worse. They got her a male companion (now deceased as well) who, upon learning sign language, described in brutal detail the killing of his mother and his separation as a quite young gorilla. "Animal rights" takes on a whole new shade of meaning if an animal can really "think" ...

Behaviorally, chimps are more like us than gorillas. What are they thinking?
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