Interesting Website on the career of James Buchanan


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May 2009
A tiny hamlet in the Carolina Sandhills
"Developed for educational use by teachers, students, and other researchers, the James Buchanan Resource Center offers a wealth of information regarding this Pennsylvania politician, international statesman, and 15th President of the United States."

I don't know about the statesman part, but still a pretty fair website.


Ad Honorem
Dec 2009
Thanks Diddy, I'll check it out.
I recently read A Country of Vast Design which was about Jakes Polk, the Mexican War and westard expansion. James Buchannan was Polk's Secretary of State during his Presidency, and Buchannan was protrayed as a disloyal schemer of unbridled ambition, who wanted to be President at any cost. I would like to study Buchannan more to see if this impression is born out by others.