introducing myself - blues writer Michael Cala

Aug 2013
Princeton, NJ
I am a writer for Blues Revue, Blues Music Magazine, NY Journal of Books. I am writing a book on Perry Bradford, Mamie Smith, and the birth of recorded blues. This looks like an excellent site to help me with research. I am also raising funds to buy Mamie Smith a gravestone; she's been in unmarked ground in New York since her death in Harlem in 1946.

Crystal Rainbow

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Feb 2011
Cumbernauld Scotland
Hello and Welcome, there is a blues thread in cultural forum. Great to have another music lover.


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Mar 2008
On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
Nov 2012
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May I welcome you too. Most definitely a fan of the Lady Day and also Messrs Gary Moore and Glenn Hughes, who gave us so much. Music to die for. Have fun and whenever you have time, your posts will be welcome.
Aug 2013
Princeton, NJ
Thank you all for the hearty welcome. I hope to be able to bring my American "roots music" knowledge and research to the site.