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Dec 2012
As long as Iran had been friends with israel, Iran had been friends with the US. Iran would again be friends with the US only when it would be friends with israel again; possibility of which is extremely remote.
That's not what you said.

You said AIPAC would be the deciding factor in whether or not the US and Iran could have friendly relations.

Besides that, what you're saying here isn't accurate, the tail isn't always wagging the dog. American leadership has at times acted in ways towards Iran that Israel didn't like.
Dec 2015
But Iran and Israel were friends at one time.... where was AIPAC then?
Thats an interesting history wrt the relations between Iran and Israel. Some may not even know today that Iran and Israel worked with each other against Iraq in the 1980s. Whats interesting about all of this is Iraq under Hussein saw the #2 man in power was a Christian. Has The Jewish State of Israel or The Islamic Republic of Iran ever had a non Jewish or non Muslim VP? Im no supporter of Saddam either but its obvious the USA does not work with countries based on morals. Iraq under Hussein is comparable to or more liberal compared to Israel and Iran post 1979.

What the USA should do is urge co operation between middle eastern nations because Trade lines could be improved for example benefiting everyone.

Personally as an opponent of religious intolerance I can not agree with Israel or Iran in there current state. I believe you support Israel correct me if Im wrong..but get this, my disagreement with Israel and Iran is based on things you would agree with considering some of your views in other threads. I would rather wine and dine with the Communists of Iran and Israel before hanging out with any Rabbi or Iman in Iran and Israel that is responsible for blocking interfaith marriage.
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Dec 2017
I hope Iran holds its grounds as north Koria, Venezuela. Iran should not create nuclear weapons. We, in Belarus , had nuclear weapons before Budapest memorandum. Having nuclear weapons is nothing special, only responsibilities and pressure from abroad if you are not a powerful state or supported by powerful states such as Russia.

The reason for USA stopping applying pressure on North Korea is because Russia and China - two powerful countries of the world - defend North Korea. Russia and China don't want to see another 'near east' scenario by Americans near their borders or Korean war of the 50s. Americans are good at instigating conflicts.
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