Is Abraham the most influential human being in world history?


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Apr 2015
Most of the people wouldn't know about Abraham in populous countries like India and China.
In Indian culture Emperor Bharata is seen as the central figure in Hinduism and Indian civilization. Buddha would be a more known figure in these two countries.


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Mar 2012
Yötebory Sveriya
1 and 2. I never said that Abraham have to invent or spread religion to be influential. It is the same way Confucius is influential in that there is a figurehead and a character to follow. The founding fathers are not the one who create the various cities in the present day USA, are they not influential for the USA then?

3. I guess that you got your data from here

Number of mobile phone users worldwide 2015-2020 | Statista

While I don't have the data for 2019, the article in Wikipedia do cite for 2012-2017.

Major religious groups - Wikipedia

The result for Christianity and Islam combined is 4.2 billion which is 500 million more than mobile phone user in 2015 in that statistic. With the population growth and conversion, it is unknown how much follower of Abrahamic religion today, not including underground believers. The figures for the mobile phone user also probably include user who more than one phone.

Topic: Mobile internet usage worldwide

This one show a 3.7 billion for unique global mobile population in 2018.

On influence, we'll have to wait until the 2070s and see if mobile phone is still in use, then we have to see people willing to die for their phones, have phone company what you should or should not eat or phone company replacing the government. Maybe after that, it will reach a portion of influence the Abrahamic religion had over the centuries.

By the way, I just found out that both Martin Cooper and Joel Engel are Jews.

Jew or Not Jew: Martin Cooper

Sir John Mandeville is not real, yet he influence Columbus and Walter Raleigh in his decision.

The Travels of John Mandeville

Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf are fictional too, yet look at the chaos they create.

According to some people, the Bible is fictional, but we could see how far it influence people in history.
You missed the point.

It wasn’t some kind of contest of: “No, this random dude no one cares about it the ACTUAL most influential person.” It was to point out how common it is to have some kind of part in something that reaches billions of people. Being an ancestor in a lineage that later became profoundly successful does not necessarily equate to profound influence.

On your point of Abraham not having to invent anything, then what is the justification for his influence? A couple of passages in Genesis and a handful of mentions in lineages? Bringing up the US founding fathers: they created a nation and drafted the constitution that the US follows to this day - Abraham did no such thing as that. He’s a character in Genesis like Adam, Eve, and Noah, all of whom predate him. Neither Christianity nor Islam are mandated to follow any part of Abraham’s covenant; which is ritualistic circumcision - which a good many Christians dating back to Roman times consider to be a form of barbaric mutilation. He is only a background character, not the founding father of either Christianity or Islam.
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