Is Albania the least remarkable country in Europe?

Feb 2011
Or put differently: Has Albania contributed the least to European civilization? I cannot think of any other European nation which has achieved less. It did not even seem to have a palpable golden age, however brief, when culture, arts, architecture or science blossomed, or experienced an unusual expansion of political or military power.
Nov 2018
Albania is unknown to Roman Scholars until the 11th century. They were known to keep a very accurate evidentation about the people who lived within its terrirories. Also linguisticly Albanian language is language of mountanus people. Ilirians whome they claim to be were known to be exellent fishers and saylors. According to some reaserch Albanians orginate form the tribe of Bessi, who lived in Thrace.
Durning the First Bulagarian Empires conquest of modernday Albania they moved the Bessi people there to secure the region from Byzantine ( Eastern Roman) Imperial army. Territory of Albania was historicly known as Northern Epirus. It was inhabited by Greeks since antiquity.
Sep 2012
@vukan The historian in question is / or rather was sadly Gottfried Schramm. His theory is that Albanians are descendants of Bessi -Thracian people who were pushed westwards into what is today Albania from their Rhodope Mountains by the First Bulgarian Empire in the ninth century.