Is America the Evil Empire ?

Jul 2009
Pres Reagan famously accused the Soviet Union as being
the " evil empire" but in the intervening years Im beginning
to wonder if there has nt been a role reversal.
The Soviet Union no longer exists... Russia is rediscovering its
true identity and religion and adjusting to its reduced role
in the world.
America remains as the sole Superpower seemingly taking
on the role as the worlds policeman.
Ive heard reports that America has its military based in over
140 countries around the world.
It controls a lot of space hardware up there too , spying on every square foot of terra firma.

Americans have always felt that they are the good guys.. putting down the tyrany of foreign despots.... no more so than in the 2nd world war when they played the major role in putting down Hitler and Emperor Hirohito.

But I wonder.... is America making a play for world hegemony ? did we see the mask slip off just before the start of the Chinese Olympic games ?

It was then that the Georgian forces launched an horrific
attack against minorities within the borders of Georgia.
Many hundreds were killed by the artillery attack.. women and children burnt alive.... their homes destroyed.

Eventually Russia intervened to protect the pro Russian minority... (against the fascist Georgian forces,)
a Georgian minority obviously ethically not fully Georgian .

Georgia was intent on doing a little ethnic cleansing under the cover the the big event... the Chinese Olympic Games.

What is sinister about all this is the involvement of the Israelis in military advice and the sale of weapons and the fact
that this mass murder must, by implication, have got the nod of the Americans too.

In the end the action was to further confine the Russian Bear into smaller and smaller territory and advance America's geopolitical aims of encirleing the Russian Bear.

In the past decade we have witnessed America's brutal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan...
we are now witnessing military sorties into Pakistan..... with military drones that
can deliver death guided by lazer beam.... (no doubt guided by some of that space hardware too )

There's a big game going on here and 1000 or so civilians murdered
and burnt to death in Georgia .....does nt really matter in the big picture.

Is the American Military Complex out of control ?
Is America now the " Evil Empire " and like the Third Reich... intent on world hegemony....
and a New World Order ?
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Jun 2009
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Except none of Russia's claims of "genocide" in S. Ossetia have yet to be proven. NOBODY has seen any evidence, including The Human Rights Watch, an organization that levied claims of civilian casuilties on both sides of the conflict. So when there is proof of this "genocide", and insidious U.S.-Israeli plot, hit us back up.
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Jul 2009
News reports at the time spoke of 100s of deaths
in the sudden Georgian onslaught and shelling
from memory 800 or so dead.
It was a sly, vicious attack, so obviously under the cover
of the Olympic games which were then occupying the attention of the world
and this heinous act must also have been given
the nod at the highest levels of the American political administration.

From what we hear of the New World Order Neocons in America... this attack was
right up their street !
Nov 2009
The Georgians have filed similar claims for the expulsion of ethnic Georgians from Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

There's no evidence that the United States did anything to give the Georgian government the go ahead except for hearsay.
Mar 2010
America is no longer in the position to become a world hegemon. The tables are turning.
Mar 2010
I agree. History goes through cycles. I think China will be/already is the economy of the future Hegemon. I see Russia rising too.
I see either China or India...

With Russia building new gas lines that cross into numerous East European and West European countries, and with its growing dominance in oil production, this is also a possibility, although with a decreasing Russian population and an abundance of unemployed citizens, the economy has a way to go before Russia can claim that it has truly stood on its feet.
Jan 2008
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This is a thread which yet again proves that the russian must realise that the cold war is over and that americas sees them in the same light as brazil.
Mar 2010
This is a thread which yet again proves that the russian must realise that the cold war is over and that americas sees them in the same light as brazil.
I don't think America will ever see Russia in the same light that it sees cannot just erase history and power struggles. You seriously think that if Russia became a world power it would not be a threat to the U.S? America would and is doing everything to prevent that from happening....whether it will or not, only time will tell.