Is Anatolia in middle east? (geographically)

Mar 2012
Turks look similar to the iranians, Arabs and pakistanis as well.

Its an West Asian and MENA country overall

This basicly makes not much sense as all these people you mentioned are quite numerous, and more importantly, thoroughly mixed people.
As for Iranians, there are Iranians that look quite European, because as i said, it is a huge and very mixed country.
I have also seen some Pakistanis that look European and Turkish, though most of them i see resemble Kurdish people of Turkey much more than anything else. Another note is that Pakistan was invaded and controlled by various Turkic people for centuries, so it is not a rocket science pattern that there might be people who might resemble each other. Same goes much more violently for Iran, i believe you can just check a quick summary of their history.

As for Turkey, ottoman empire was huge and had people, both citizens and immigrants from all around europe and asia, so you cant really classify the appearance of turkish people into one category. There are turkish people that look like kurds,arabs,iranians,pakistanis, if you go to southeastern provinces, that will not be a surprise for you. But there are greater number of turkish people that look like something else, so again, you can't put it into one group.


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Sep 2007
If it were taken by the West or given to Greece, it would definitely be considered a part of Europe. I mean, geogprahical specifications do change over time or on the basis of politics. When the Balkans were still part of the Ottoman Empire, the region was considered to be part of the "Near East." while the Middle East actually referred to Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. But following their independence, they became Europe.

Anatolia means East or sunrise in (ancient) Greek so it was just the east of mainland Greece but ancient Greeks did not make distinctions like Asia or Europe (Ancient Greeks did not consider themselves European as modern Greeks do today, which is an ideology younger than two centuries).

Anatolia or Asia Minor did not refer to the entire Asian portion of Turkey, by the way. When a diagonal line is drawn from Antakya up to Artvin, what remains in the west (excluding the Eastern Thrace, of course) is what Anatolia is. The remaining portion are called Doğu Anadolu (Eastern Anatolia) and Güneydoğu Anadolu (Southeastern Anatolia) in Turkish, which are actually not part of Anatolia.


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Sep 2007
What is your evidence that Pakistanis look similar to Turks? And not like Indians?
That Indo-Europeans originated in Turkey and Pakistanis and Indians are Indo-European peoples? People from the Eastern part of Turkey do look like Indo-Aryan people including Iranians, Kurds, Armenians (later Aryanized or satemized), Pakistanis and Northern Indians.
Aug 2018
Asia begins as the Urals end where also Siberia begins up to the north. Siberian borders to Urals would be technically (and rightfully) western asia.
East of the Urals is usually referred to as Central Asia, because Western Asia is 'the middle east'.


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Jan 2017
some people use the term " Near-East " for the part of Asia touched by the Mediterranean sea