Is China destined to become a superpower?

Apr 2019
His Ancestors and people even today worships an Indian Kshatriya prince as their supreme god lol.

Imagine is worshipping Jackie Chan as our supreme god and erecting his giant statues all over India.
.........Just when I was trying to take the situation in good humor..........
........You ruined my fun dear brother.......

Why is our lot like this these days:
Oct 2013
have no doubt in your mind that we have great respect in our minds for what you guys have done and achieved in past 30 years, but something we have to show mirror to trolls in order to shut them up.
Okay so you admit what you posted was trolling (mirroring trolling As you put it.)

Let's soberly address your post.

Do you think India dominated and conquered China culturally? Like, as if without Buddhism there is little else in cultural worth?

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