Is dressing up as a different culture (Native Indian, Mexican, etc) actually a big problem?

Nov 2018
[QUOTE=" I am also offended by the Minnesota Vikings, stop it right away, you appropriate my ancestors, and by the way, they didn't have horns on their helmets./QUOTE]

YOUR ancestors? Oh, Runa: the people of Minnesota (and the Dakotas and Brooklyn) are not like Athena: they did not spring fully clad from their father's head. Many are Scandinavian and have the same ancestors that you do. And the horns? Of course they are a modern addition. But I have a poster of the Danish kings that was made in Copenhagen--and many of the early kings have horns in their helmets. Minnestoans are not the only ones to be historically inaccurate.
Have I offended you? If so, it was not my intention to do so.
Note to self: Do not try to be funny in a foreign language that you do not fully master.
Regarding souvenirs, are you thinking of something like this?

Vikinger 4er set 13cm.jpg
And as for horned helmets, yes the Danes can join as well, but it is not cultural appropriation, it is just ignorance of history.:mad:

OK Roligans.jpg

If there was a law on cultural appropriation, it would say that as long as they are members of a cultural entity then they can do with that culture what they want.:halo:
It is only if others are doing it, they should be ashamed or what? Can somebody enlighten me?
Oct 2010
I think accusing people of cultural appropriation could also lead to invisibility of the culture.

This article (link below) is about a kids camp that was targeted with an intense campaign to get them to stop using Native American names and cultural symbols.

A big part of the complaint was the misrepresentation of the culture, tribes were mixed up for example. The woman who started this campaign said she was worried about the effect on the kids at the camp.

But have any of the people protesting the camp offered to teach them about authentic Native American cultures? And are people from the camp going to want to engage Andy learn after this experience? They got so many angry phone calls they couldn’t use the phone and had to take down their social media page with people accusing them of genocide.

I imagine people will just no longer use any reference to Native Americans and so people have to ask themselves is invisibility better than stereotypes.

Pasadena summer camp commits to complete makeover after complaints of racism and cultural appropriation – Pasadena Star News
In older political debates and even social ones, I reached the conclusion that I do not like many things others proposed or suggested but came to realize that I have to counter propose something in return especially if we are talking about solving/improving something.

Taking offense is a merchandise now:

1-Feeling cleansed (born again civilized)
2-Getting money from the offenders to setup a "non-profit" that does virtually nothing but prepare some cliche' pamphlets and half-baked seminars where accommodation-paid presenters get invited to lecture and teach.

Apply the above to religion, culture, science and environmentalism and you get people turned off and away from the "real" things that needs awareness and improvement, that is the real travesty in this whole situation.

The whole thing reeks of "going to hell" middle-ages-like sermons.

What gives anyone any right to define what my culture is for me (even if they are a member of it)

I was at a family gathering recently and was asked how I feel and I said I feel American who happens to be a Muslim, the response was "being Muslim means you are such and such" to which I replied "that is the problem of others who seek define me, it is not my job to fit their expectations one way or another, I am ME"

The seed to this started with celebrating segregationist attitude by anyone who is not white/christian-white as "non-bigoted and tolerant" pride.
Jan 2019
who gives permission ? and why ? and what makes that "why" OK ?
Some kind of tribal authority maybe? Something small scale enough that arguments about intellectual property might apply.

So if I am a Muslim who does not follow current religious authorities (whatever that self-appointed person/body be) , am I culturally appropriating Muslim "things" ? should I stop using them if I somehow quit Islam ?

What if I declare myself a religious authority and declare my knowledge enough for having such an authority, can I give permission ? or get offended ? or both at the same time if monetary benefit can be extracted from the appropriators* ?
The larger scale you go the more inapplicable the concept becomes. Hell, I think it's mistake that the concept has entered into popular parlance at all since it only seems to be applied maliciously and to browbeat people. Like you can certainly get offended no matter what your credentials are and gather a mob on social media to declare them bigots.

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