Is hegemonic peace bad for society?


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Jul 2013
Is hegemonic peace bad for society? For example one nation dominating all or most of sectors of the known world?

With no threats around, people stop having the desire to compete, the mythos of a state of conflict is eliminated. Culture becomes boring and recylcled and people likely will turn on each other for that "healthy form of tension".


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Sep 2011
What are you talking about? There is no such thing as a threat-free world. Reality isn't set up so there isn't.

What constitutes the most pressing threats differs though. But in what way does the starkness of war changing perceptions of primary threats improve anything? All it does is make things about acute life and death situations, rather than dealing with more incremental problems.

War is a great distractor. You come across as perhaps hankering for "simpler" times, when society can allow itself to be distracted by some kind of obvious visitation arriving from the outside, like war?
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