Is India so big in 700 BC?


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Apr 2015
what empire is that. India in 700BC was divided into several Mahajanapadas, by 600BC there was 16 prominent mahajanpadas.
Jul 2017
At that time, India did not form a country, was it composed of tribes?
There were many states in India that were ruled by different Kshatriya (warrior) families. They were all deeply intertwined through marital alliances

These warrior groups were always engaged in a contest to be paramount. I believe India might actually have been bigger than the map you quoted
Jul 2017
The first warrior group to unify India was Bharatas who waged the Dasrajna War to clear North India of opposing powers.

After the Bharatas, there were many Pan India empires. The Ikshvakus, the Haihayas, the Kauravas, the empires out of Pataliputra and Roruka (as per Buddhist Divyavadana). Later, we had more pan India empires out of Indraprastha (Delhi), Ujjain, Kannauj, Thanesar etc
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Cultural unity and political unity are two different things. Culturally and religiously one region of India passed into the other unnoticeably, but politically there were always divisions. And these divisions generlly were respected. Generally one kingdom would not consider it appropriate to overpower the other. And these kings were many a times maritally related.

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