Is it true that all former imperial metropoles were made in relation to their subjects?

Sep 2015
It's a lot of blah blah, but I think the core idea is that security technologies and means of enforcement that are developed on the edge of empire eventually find their way home.
Sure, yes, that is what i thought he was saying. As to the truth of it however seems to me an entirely different point.

Mass incarceration of the type deployed in Kenya - where 150,000 were detained in the 1950s and which rapidly and successfully dissipated the Mau Mau rising against the other Kenyan tribes - have not been deployed back in the U.K., at least not as far as i am aware!? I mean i don't think i would have missed it. All the protests on our screens are organised by the socialist workers. I have not noticed the deployment of armed security units to "break up" such gatherings, tear gas etc!

The gilets jeune situation current in France appears somewhat ott but hardly involves the kidnappings and disappearances that took pace in Algeria. He talked about the trouble that emerged in the banlieures of Paris but left out any details, and instead talked about the interpretation of some of the members of the local community, their reaction, their discourse (necessarily not invalid, but a little savvy, a little nous might be about right).

Of course the Germans under the Nazis did all sorts of vile and loony things, such as one might expect (or o/w) from the personification of the evil empire having a pitch at world domination. German police might be armed and look a bit mean, even military in a way, but i have heard very little in the way of obvious immorality in police and security tactics or strategies.

Holland fought its war against the Indonesians but if anyone thinks the Netherlands has exhibited much in the way of militaristic security, they might just have been smoking something interesting at a particular kind of Dutch coffee shop. When a bobby (policeperson) pulls you over on the roads in Holland, the two parties in question shake hands - first!