Is it true that Woodrow Wilson prevented Albania from being partitioned by its neighbors after WWI?


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I must disagree. From the very beginning, Italy plotted against the new state. They supported the Montengrin Christmas Uprising and were also the biggest supporter of the Montenegrin government-in-exile. Italy also worked against Yugoslavia at the Paris Peace Conference. Italian Army Vice Chief of Staff Pietro Badoglio formulated a plan to use any possible subversive measures to weaken Yugoslavia. This plan was approved in 1919 by the Prime Minister Orlando, Foreign Minister Sidney Sonnino and General Armando Diaz. The plan proposed using Catholic clergy, Italian agents inside Yugoslavia, supporting those that supported old regimes (like those in Montenegro for example) etc. In May 1919 Italy even contemplated an invasion of Croatia through Slovenia and the Yugoslav government expected a full-scale war against Italy. In July and August Yugoslavia mobilized 400,000 troops in order to prepare for the expected Italian attack. So, while the Fascist takeover increased tensions with Yugoslavia, those tensions were present even before that.
Italy also acted biased towards Austria when supervising the 1920 plebiscite in Southern Carinthia. Not to mention how they tried to occupy as much Yugoslav territory as possible in 1918. Slovene forces could stop them only by using former Serbian POWs and deception. On one occassion they had to put up fake town signs to convince the Italian army they advanced further than they have, otherwise they'd probably have taken Ljubljana.
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albania wasnt partintioned after the war it was already partitioned during the war, yet into independent albanian states fostered by ww1 militaries -shkodra(kuk) vlore(italy) korce(france);

an invasion of yugoslavia(kSCS) by italy, a threat if even real, was just pure histeria; post-war italy did not have the capacities nor the stability(fascists/anarchists/communists) to have launched an invasion of yugoslavia(kSCS), as seen by the carnaro/fiume occupation carried out by volunteers not the state, the state was even ordered(rapallo24) to remove the occupiers which it followed on dec 20; the free-state was then however indeed ceded(rome27) to italy not to the kSCS(yugoslavia) but the only action of the italian military was the removal(bomb out) of the italian volunteers; while irredentism claimed in theory half the world de facto the state post-war was only concerned by the areas with italian majority in the former austrian-k├╝stenland, one of the areas promised in the treaty of london 15;
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