Is it wrong to call Hitler a German?

Feb 2013
Do you consider Hitler to be a German?

Hitler was born in Austria, a fact he never denied. However, he considered himself German and believed Austria should have been part of the fairly new nation-state of Germany.

The Nazis published material that stated Hitler was born outside of Germany (Austria) but was a German.

Do you consider Hitler to be both Austrian and German or just the former?

If you were to hear someone in real life say that Hitler was German would you say "he was actually an Austrian" or "he was an Austrian German"?
Hitler was not a German, rather an Austrian.

Lord Oda Nobunaga

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Jan 2015
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Austrians are German?

His family was ethnically and culturally Bavarian.
Braunau am Inn was a disputed area between the Bavarians and Austrians until like the Napoleonic Wars, or perhaps even after that.


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Aug 2015
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Hitler has no nationality happy to claim him. Of course there are a few neo nazis in various countries that would love to claim Hitler as a co national, but the majority in most countries disclaim Hitler.