Is liberalism more popular than conservative because people hate being told that you can't this or that?


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Apr 2012
I guess you are referring to American liberalism, which is considerably different and I would say more right-wing than European liberalism.
My impression is that the things are vice-versa, American liberalism having similarities with European socialism.
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Oct 2013
I did a quiz of that kind that someone posted here, based on American assumptions
I did a quiz on EU elections that was giving in the end how much parties were matching my "expectations" (in %).

First on the list were the Greens (something I expected) then it was a far left (outright Communist) partyand an hard line liberal nationalist party, both with the same % match, both with just 2% less than Greens .... :D

So, as already posted, what are we referring to with "liberalism"


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Aug 2013
Is it just me or does it seem like the OP's threads are usually a soapbox for far right Christian conservative views.

And does he ever respond back or just dump and run?
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Apr 2012
The Netherlands
There's that. But I think its also a turnoff for people just who is saying no to them.

Conservatism is all about preserving what has already been achieved so if the tenants of conservatism forbids something then its tempting for a younger generation to assume they're forbidden something because their dads frown on it. Its the old generation not understanding the ideas of the young ones.

That's not always true but it can be the impression that is given at times.
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Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
The terms themselves have pretty much lost their meaning, modern conservatives in America often call anything they don't like ''liberal'' and vice-versa, or so the popular image would have me believe.
This hits the nail on the head... exactly right.


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Apr 2012
There are places in the world of today in which whoever doesn't share or obey the liberal tenets must be evil, stupid or crazy. I grew-up under communist regime and believe me that there is no big difference between the communist ideologization of society of those times and the liberal ideologization of society I live nowadays.


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Mar 2013
Much of the left vs right divide is more like a revolving door where age and leadership character seem to define the politics of the times. In the current era most people identify religion with conservative, authoritarian, reactionary politics but many times in the past religion has functioned as the progressive political front provoking reactionary authoritative governments to clamp down against religion. Most of the time rulers co-opt the support of the religious authorities for a veneer of legitimacy.

As for leftward or rightward being more or less controlling... plenty of examples on both sides. Most of the time ideology has little bearing on what actually happens. The reality is more often that certain people are unhappy with the status quo and adopt whichever politics of the moment seems best fit to rocking the boat and giving them what they would otherwise have difficulty attaining under the normal situation. Very few revolutions are won by those who began them- usually the first wave of revolutionaries are struck down by the system they are revolting against and the 2nd wave uses their martyrdom to further the revolt but eventually succumb to the excesses of the revolution and it is the men leading the military or guardians of purity (secret police, many names can be adopted for this role but the political claim is usually about protecting the purity of the revolution even if the results bear nothing close to what the original revolutionaries called for).