Is liberalism more popular than conservative because people hate being told that you can't this or that?


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Indeed, religious pressures are not necessarily conservative, it was evangelical Christians who led the fight for the abolition of the slave trade, and pressed for universal democracy during the English civil war.
Jan 2017
The OP is using the term in the American sense, I think, liberals or progressives as against conservatives. Americans oftenndon't seem to realize what a range of different meaning and implications this word can have in different nations and cultures, in England for example it means something wholly different from what it does in America.
In our country there isn't really much Conservatism these days. All of our main parties are merely different shades of Liberalism, and this has been the case for a long time. There is a certain amount of Social Conservatism in the rural areas, but economically the Conservative Party is to all intents and purposes is a liberal party. Really, there isn't much to choose between the main parties, just the question of how much to tax and where to spend that tax, and even that is not wholly irreconcilable. As a nation, the vast majority of us are in the centre, but I suppose that's what we are borne of our geography: a compromise people who don't like extremes.

To answer the OP, and to use England as an example, Liberalism won the argument a long time ago in our country and the reasons are that a large working-class industrial base fought for their rights/opportunity (enfranchisement, employment and so on) tenaciously and we are a crowded island and as we live on top of another we are compelled to give and take in order to make it work and this lends itself to liberal politics.

Conservatism in our country today is not the same as Conservatism 200 years back. Today, it's another form of Liberalism.
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Is liberalism simply more popular than conservatism because people hate being told no, and because conservatives have more nos, like no you can't marry your own gender or have sex with your own gender, no you can't wear a women's dress if you are a man, no you can't abort your baby, no you can't watch pornographic films, no you can't just wear short clothes in public or just wear whatever you like, or cover yourself with tattoos, no you can't smoke a joint, no you can't marry or date someone outside your ethnic group or social category, that conservatives are always going to be a lot less popular than liberals who always say you can do whatever you like, and it is human nature to just hate being told no you can't do this or do that because it is immoral? I am not talking about a single religion, but about social conservatives and social liberals in all cultures generally speaking. That social conservatives will have a lot longer list of things that are socially unacceptable, or things you can't do, or are inadvisable to do, than social liberals in all cultures generally speaking.
In formal logic, this is the very embodiment of a "begged question"; this is, it assumes all of these premises are established and true.
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