Is MI5 interfering in Scottish affairs?



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You're totally misunderstanding the noble Scots, they want to leave the UK so that they can rejoin the EU and bestow their largesse on all the deserving nations of Eastern Europe; that's already been explained above. Free higher education comes way down the list.
Nov 2014
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I expect as well as mass recruitment of Asian and Arabic hertitage staff in MI5 in the last few years they've taken on anyone with a Glaswegian accent for the sole purpose of interfering in Scottish affairs. .
indeed. and on a darkened, lonely scottish road, they lay in waiting to cow and intimidate brave advocates of independence

On a personal note, I was driving on an isolated road, which usually has little traffic, at about 8am on the fateful day. I met three black 4x4s, all the same make and all acted very suspiciosly. The first one was sitting at the corner where the road begins, waited till I had passed then drove off. I pulled into a lay-by to let it pass, it pulled in behind me. Very suspicious actions I would say. When I set off again, so did the 4x4. The other 2 were waiting further along the road. It was like a relay! Nothing happened but I was not about to stop, get out of my car and remonstrate with any of the drivers.
Now you will probably say that it was coincidence, that my imagination was working overtime. But, I still think they were there to scare the ___ out of whichever activist was going to be on that lonely, isolated 10 miles of road!!! How would they know I was an activist? Well my car was festooned with Yes posters etc, I had just visited a Polling Station other than the one I vote at and I was wearing an identity badge. Even they are not as stupid as not to pick up on 3 clues. I often wonder how many other Yes workers, in rural parts of constituencies, met with similar scary & suspicious activity.

see the dramatic way the scene is set- 'on that fateful day'- and note how, 'nothing happened' and yet of course we can draw inferences (there's a great resemblance to 'I have absolutely no doubt.. admittedly no proof', here), that they were there to 'scare the **** out of whichever activist was going to be on that lonley, isolated (cue music from a 50s dracula flick) 10 miles of road'

thats right folks. in order to swing the election, the 'dirty paws of the dark state' will- gasp- follow your car and do absolutely nothing.

if anything will set the cause of independence back decades and destroy it in the polls, some cars, following an activist for a few miles, is bound to have the desired effect.
Oct 2012
Slightly off-topic question to the scottish nationalists, but what kind of a country the free and indepented Scotland woluld ideally be, politically, economically? Foreign relations, alliances, defence?

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