Is MI5 interfering in Scottish affairs?

May 2011
Morayshire, Scotland
firstly, it's not 'in the main'- it's 'entirely', as in every respondent to this thread has either mocked you as a crank or dismissed you
Ridicule? Sarcasm? I can put up with that safe in the knowledge that you do not know what you are talking about. Has it crossed your mind that your whole line of attack is rather ridiculous.

secondly, nobody on this entire thread has said MI5 'would never get involved in underhand dealings', just that your total lack of evidence for such
It would not be a very good intelligence service if it was known what they were up to.
It was well after the event that we found out just how deeply the Security Services were involved in Northern Ireland. It was always suspected BUT there was no evidence. Just as there is NO clear evidence of interference in Scottish affairs - at the moment.

along with your fairy story of being followed by (presumed) MI5 agents on a 'dark, lonely road' (in case anyone had grounds to doubt your penchant for melodrama), means you have very little credibility
Oh dear, I've really upset you with that little anecdote . It happened. Of course, you know that it was not State Security ... how? I used the word 'isolated', I did not say 'dark and lonely' You can't even get that right! If you had any idea of the area you would know very well what 'isolated' means.

actually, your obvious bias and partiality ('not to agree with me BEGGARS BELIEF') is even more harmful to your credibility than your lack of evidence
Right from the beginning I laid out my view of the Salmond affair. If you had been around this Forum a bit longer you'd know that I am very biased, very partial when it comes to Scottish Nationalism and the Independence movement. That will determine how I approach events. However NOT ONE of the posters - especially not you - have shaken my belief that the security services are involved in undermining the Nationalists and the Yes movement.

'oh but these people work in SECRET so of COURSE there won't be evidence, classic example of the conspiracy nut's art
No evidence of dirty tricks in NI until some time had gone by. Explain that.

absence of evidence of a conspiracy?
well, that's EXACTLY what PROVES there is a conspiracy
To shut your mind to the possibility totally beggars belief


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This thread is a poorly veiled excuse to talk politics and should have been closed a long time ago.

With that in mind, it is now CLOSED, and the mods will be lenient with anyone who has violated Chamber rules - and that meansm offenders will only get a month off instead of what you deserve.

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