Is occult history a real field of study ? And can I major in it?


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Jun 2012
There is are problems with majoring in occult history - nobody will take you as a serious historian ( Terry Jones wrote several books, which are well researched but because of his association with his other carriers nobody takes him as a serious historian), the books you do write will not end up in the history section of the book store but by the "Is Elvis an Alien?" books, and ending up on the TV show with this guy...



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Oct 2011
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Hancock ... known as "Graham" ... the AHGP [Alternative History Great Priest], the main opponent of the LEP [Last Egyptian Pharaoh, that is to say Zahi Hawass].

Well, after my youth as ufologist my further madness was just alternative history and I did know Hancock's works. There was a positive consequence of this [in a certain sense I have followed the example of Mark Lehner]: I got in touch with Egyptology and I fell in love with KmT [Ancient Egypt].
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I'm back after almost 3 years and let me say I didnt really learn anything simply because the things I've learned all had connections with the abrahamic religions. A few nites ago this brotha gave me a realization, he said that everyone on the internet is pimping us and our ancient African religions like Voodoo and Egyptian science never talked about these things. He basically said all these New Age, Metaphysical, Occultist hidden history texts cant be proven. Now I still hold some things true due to my lucid dreams and remote viewing experiences, but from now on I'm strictly going to study history, science, and try to do rituals the best to my African heritage and leave the dark magick alone (even though I think that worked). But what I'm trying to say is that I fell into a system of daily operation that most couldn't be backed up by any sources.
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Thanks guys , I've been studying since I made this thread and found a few keys and words that reveal more to history than what Professors teach, unless they're in some secret society. Seems Gnostics were more accurate than modern day historians
Several studies have been written about the history of Gnosticism.
A good place to start is read `The Medieval Manichee' by Steven Runciman. It was first published in 1946 but reprinted in 1982. It touches on all the major medieval Gnostic movements although it is a bit weak on the origins of dualism.
For that I suggest you research Zoroasterianism for which either Parsee or Iranian sources are best.
Be very careful as this is an esoteric and highly scholarly field which already has expert cover.
Studies in Ritual Magic can lead to insanity which may very well be the kicking off point for those who study it.
Not a good career choice in my view. Start with mainstream theology and then specialise. I have heard there are openings for ordained exorcists. Does life as a Jesuit appeal? Admirable fellows that they are!

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