Is "perfect" knowledge of history desirable and how would it change our world ?


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Jan 2011
Is "perfect" knowledge of history desirable and how would it change our world ?

Theoritically, if there were a giant mirror 1 000 light years from earth, light from earth would travel there and back to us in 2 000 years... By looking up at that mirror we could see earth as it was 2 000 years ago

That's just one possibility... But lets assume we come with a way to look into the past, anytime, anywhere ..... Just like a super google maps 3D... Just like with that mirror we would be able to get the image but we would not be able to interact.

We'd know exactly how the pyramids were built.. How many men Hannibal and the romans had at Cannae and how the battle turned out (and where it actually happened)... What happened in Jerusalem in the 1st century when a certain man was cruficied... What Rome really looked like in the 1st century BC... And so many other things

How would that change our world ?


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May 2016
History is a synthesis of a past reality, and as a synthesis it is always amputated, it is always a part, not the all. We can seize the part but not the all. To seize the all we had to live it prescinding of our own present reality.


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Apr 2017
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I have perfect knowledge of history, but I have trouble changing my socks. Too much knowledge I guess.:sad:
Oct 2016
On a magic carpet
There is no such thing as history. It might be truer to speak of "histories". Each culture and each country has its own history, and these frequently differ. Often they emphasise different events. Sometimes the events themselves are disputed, or interpreted very differently.

It even happens between England and France, let alone China and the west, or Russia and the west, or India and Pakistan, or Iran and the United States, or Israel and Palestine, or Spain and Sweden, or Turkey and Hungary, etc.

Even with perfect vision of the past, it would solve some things but I suspect humans would continue to disagree. We can't even agree what happened yesterday, even with all our modern technology. Let alone what happened in the past, even with perfect vision. History isn't just what happened, but what the significance/meaning of those happenings is, which differs enormously from person to person.