Is the international system anachronistic?


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Jan 2012
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Past empires could be fit for centuries, and the different "pieces" of the current "system" or "order" (it is not only chaotic) has at best been in place for most of a century, but still we may ask if some parts are outdated, since made before very big changes of the century. The UN: How fit for solving contemporary and future problems is this organisation founded by the allied in the second world war, when Great Britain and France still appeared as leading world powers(ok. at least for some of their own leaders, not least because of now long gone overseas possesions)? Before the UN there was the League of Nations, that did not fulfill the most moptimistic hopes either. Could a "Version 3" improve things?
But the UN is only part of it. Of the main Victors of the world wars only the USA is still there as a leading power. Well then China, but about 70 years ago China was not much of a power. Does Russian leaders look back to that age of Soviet power as a victor, because of their declining role in the present world order?
And is the US-order "justified" by the ww 2 and the following wuperpower confrontation, or more a result of historical inertia?
The founders of the EU too belonged somewhat to approximately the same era, and were probably "visionairies" of the first part of the century.
But then here too the "model" could be more bound to those years and to the time of east-western european division than to the time after, when the lands previously under USSR dominace (or their own communist parties) also joined. A troublesome "unification"? Then the question wether NATO as we know fit into a system (and problems) completely different from what it was designed to solve.
There seems to have been internal increasing disharmonies especially between the "friends"(or not so much firends?) of the US-lead "camp". And even some resentment between countries like Poland, Hungaria and some more versus some of their western neighbours.
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