Is the Jewish Holocaust during WW2 unique and different from other genocides?

Is the Jewish Holocaust unique from other genocides?

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Ad Honoris
Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
The subject of the Holocaust doesn't give one cause for levity, but this may be one time when I wish the Germans had just "Faked the results" and said they did, instead actually haviung done.
Jul 2015
Near East
What made the Holocaust special was the idea behind it, the motivation of the criminals. As far as I'm aware, no other genocide in history had such clearly defined "scientific" purpose behind it as the Holocaust where an entire group of people were considered to be biologically inferior, by definition dangerous, inherently of vile nature due to the blood running in their veins. It was extremely ugly, a heinous result of a unique type of moral degeneracy. In that regard the Holocaust was unique, but I don't think it was the most tragic or significant genocide in history.
Jan 2013
Nürnberg, Germany
Yes it was different, but just like the Massada siege is! The jewish propaganda (and money) make the difference. It is the difference between a paar thousand peoples, involved in the Massada siege (but with a very good propaganda), and the... Tapae battle, where Trajans and Decebalus armies were more 150.000 soldiers together, but only with the Trajans Column in Rom as witness.
I'm very sorry for all the victims of the Holocaust in Germany, if it were only one life and it is too much. But from that, till to the commerce with the dead people or to deny the other peoples Holocaust is a long way which I don't want to accept.

My point of view!
Aug 2015
wish it was Constantinople
I guess just the scale of the genocide and how its directly connected to world war 2. Also how they killed the people through modern technology was horrifying. Also, how commited these germans were into killing the jews.