Is the Manstein Plan (Sickle Cut) main reason of France's defeat in 1940 or are there other main reasons ?

Jan 2015
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Was Manstein's Ardennes breakthrough at Sedan with all panzer divisions and rapid march to Channel idea main reason for French defeat that turned to debacle afterwards ? Or were there other fundementai reasons like German operational warware culture of missin oriented approach (that allowed leeway to commanders like Guderian , Hoth , Rommel to march as much as they could regardless of Halt orders from above) weakness of French high command organisation , communication , slow reacti┼čon of French High Command General Staff ?
The Allies had most of their forces committed to covering Belgium and the Maginot Line. Just about any attack through the Ardennes would hit them at their weakest point. Then take Sedan... the way to Paris is pretty much open, while the Allied forces to the north and south are split in half.

Could Manstein Plan , Sedan beakthrough and Sickle Cut though Northern France be beaten ?
To put it simply, no.
The French did not have a contingency plan for a German attack in that area. If they covered that area with more troops or had a significant reserve which could be rushed to the scene. But they didn't, so they had no way to deal with the attack.
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