Is the UK a ghost of its former glory?


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Jul 2011
the Cowra breakout was made possible by the Aussie guards ( second rate militia ) firing warning shots and waiting too long to open fire
the newly installed Lewis were too close to the perimeter
less than half of Japanese POW made it out of the camp
one hundred yards more and a harsher attitude would have seen the escape fail

today Cowra boast of a very fine Japanese public garden , which I had the great pleasure to stroll through
Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre

The guards, while not front line troops, were mostly veterans of WWI, and while Pte. Hardy was not a WWI veteran he was acknowledged as being proficient on the Vickers machine gun (note: not Lewis gun) and while there is some suggestion that the gun was badly sited, the gun was still overwhelmed by around 200 men who were unarmed apart from knives and clubs and had to climb over two 8ft barbed wire fences to get to it. One thousand armed troops would have little trouble overwhelming a single machine gun on open ground.
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