Is there a correlation between Abrahamic religious creation dating & modern scholarship’s origin of civilization?

Oct 2017
America ??
Abrahamic religious calculations of when the world & universe was created & modern scholarship’s placement of the earliest evidence for the emergence of civilization both generally point to around 5 to 6 thousand years ago, let’s agree on 5 and a half, or 5,500 years ago as the standard. Isn’t this quite remarkable? Is it coincidental? or could it be because earliest biblical sources might also correspond to earliest sources for civilization overall?
Can anyone explain why?
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Oct 2011
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A part that the temporal correlation is a bit stretched, if the Biblical myth of creation is actually "derived" in some way from Sumerian sources, it's almost obvious that there is this curious coincidence [with the tolerance of several centuries ...]. Who adopted the Sumerian sources to interpolate the Biblical tale could have also considered a Sumerian temporal reference. But we will never know, since we haven't got the physical sources that the authors of the Torah [first books of the Tanakh, that is to say substantially the Christian Old Testament] consulted.

Anyway, as for we know, in that area they begun to write, recording legends, myths and chronicles. So in the age when they wrote the Torah there were no other older available sources.