Is there real evidence of pre-Columbian African contact with South America?



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May 2016
With North America for sure [Vikings reached it]. With South America it's more difficult, even if ... not Europeans, but Polynesians could have reached the American continent before of Columbus [meaning South America].
But as far as I know even if the Polynesians were quite “near” (in Easter Island), there is no real evidence of their presence in South America. Albeit some chicken bones were already discussed.

For me it seemed that “real evidence” was central in the Op’s question; besides the African part, after all we are in the African History sub-forum.
Jul 2019
Here are three presentations about it which have some intersting points and evidence for the theory. I've heard of many origin stories from native tribes saying they came from over the sea too, some might not be mentioned in these videos.

Here's something that falls far less outside of theory, coming from a so-called archaeocryptographer(how is doing math pseudoarchaeology?).

And Tulius, there has been a genetic link found that confirms that.
Indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australia share some ancestry

As for African contact, that is tricky using genetics because the official narrative is that all Africans came over as slaves and anyone looking African or having African DNA must have had a history of enslavelment. So genetic testing is worthless in finding out if Africans came over on their own, because the narrative is more powerful than genetics testing. I don't believe the narrative is correct though, there are weird cultural practices that were pre-Columbian that are practically straight out of Africa. And straight haired African looking people are a strange sight. How many generations of mixing does it take for an entire people group to completely merge physical traits like that?
Jul 2019
I know I deviated a bit there but you specifically mentioned there being no link between South America and Polynesians, just wanted to let you know that wasn't quite the case. And forgetting genetics, there are some people down there that straight up look Polynesian or clearly had a Polynesian ancestor. Look up the Tupi people for example. I don't think they are even one of the tribes that the study mentions.
Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
They found some Polynesian skulls off Chile in a cave. Polynesians have a hole in the jaw that allowed a blood vessel through. There was also some very old bones found in a cave in Brazil that had African gene markers. While Brazil has a large Negro population now, the bones were from a much earlier time. There was a great deal of variance in different American groups. One of the Incan subject tribes had Blond and Red haired people. They also were devastated by diseases the Spanish brought in.



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Jan 2017
There is some vague connections , but no hard evidence
I wold love it but so far nothing conclusive
Sep 2014
England, Sweden and now all of the Americas. The Africans got around at one time.
May 2018
On earth.
While it is possible that some Africans established themselves in the Americas or atleast established contact, there is no real evidence of it right now.
Things like the Olmec heads are not conclusive evidence of African contact - Africa is not the only continent to have people with 'wide' nostrils and large lips. Asians often have similar noses to Africans, for example. The native people of the Olmec-region have been shown to have these types of traits.
Other vague things like 'pyramids', or 'this art kinda looks like an african' are nowhere near conclusive. Ok, how original of an idea is it really to decide to stack some blocks to make a 3d triangle? History indicates it's not very. This also ignores the different designs, and sometimes intent, of American pyramids to what is found in Africa... and the fact that African ethnicities whose geographical location would've made travel to the Americas most plausible... did not use pyramids as far as I know.