Is Wolofal script an independent designation or not?

Aug 2018
I'm currently reading up on Ajami(Arabic-derived) scripts in Africa, but seem to be getting mixed answers in regards to the status of these written languages. Some sources refer to the Wolofal alphabet as independent, in the way that the Greek alphabet is independent of the pheonecian writing in which it was based, while others designate Wolofal as an Arabic script.

There is a passage regarding a particular manuscript stating that the material was written as a translation because many of the Murid desciples were literate in Wolofal ajami, but not literate in Arabic.

If Wolofal is an independent script, what distinguishes it from standard Arabic? If not, where there not enough changes made to separate it? What degree of alterations are necessary to distinguish one script from another?

For reference a wikipedia article on Ajami includes the Vietman Alphabet as reference in a comparison. This Latin-based alphabet does have its own separate designation.
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