Israel and Apartheid South Africa: allies out of necessity/realpolitik?

Jun 2015
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They are not close geographically but did they become allies due to lack of ‘friendly’ neighbours? So certain principles had to be dropped? Modern Israel’s raison de tre was because of oppression and what happened in WW2. So why did that state ally it self politically militarily economically with a state that a watered down version of the nazi regime with legalised denial of human rights? Didn’t their leaders question this?

I heard that the Israeli government copied some of the apartheid policies regarding its Arab citizens and there was a time they could not vote, or only in local elections not national line under blacks in apartheid

another point I heard, is that Apartheid South Africa and the right wing Latin American dictatorships in 60s/70s, were both allies of Israel. Many of the left wing, union activists/ officials etc campaigning against the said regimes were Jewish. When they were subsequently targeted and harassed by the authorities they applied to settle in Israel under the Law Of Return. However the Israeli government refused to let them in as ‘undesirables’ in support of their fellow right wing allies. They were either jailed ‘disappeared’ if they could not flee elsewhere.

Is there more info on this? Didn’t it cause some uproar in Israel? The UK Home Secretary Hoare famously refused Jewish refugees and sent them back to nazi authorities and they ended up in the death camps. Didn’t nazi war criminals flee to South America andthe biggest name Eichmann??was arrested there by Simon Wiesthenthal? Didn’t ex nazis also flee to South Africa? The regime wouldn’t be too dissimilar to what they were used to?
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The underlying motivation for all of Israel's alliances within Africa and Latin America was the prevention of the establishment of pro-Palestinian governments. As a general rule, the 20th century's "anti-colonial" terror groups and nations tended to ally with one another - hence the alliances between the PLO and IRA, and so on. The ANC was part of that whole network, and Israel feared that South Africa would become a bastion of anti-Israel sentiment if the whites were ever forced out.
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Oct 2016
Now , here is a touchy subject . Regarding Israel , modern times , opinions , and Sth African influences, I will leave that up to others to comment .

But regarding Germany and Sth Africa , once they where in close proximity .

And 'Nazi like' atrocities where going on in 'German South West Africa' before any Nazis where around .

'On the ground' so to speak , some of this came to light for some very shocked people that worked on the last 'Mad Max ' movie which was filmed in Namibia part of the old German SW Africa . I won't say much on that either , except as well as human remains along the 'Skeleton Coast' there , a well known 'tourist feature ' , there is a much less known 'skeleton coast' full of human remains from 'other activities' . I dont mean the rare human remains ( from shipwrecks, miners, etc ) that can be found in the main tourists areas, amongst the other bones of animals , I man a 'field of bones' , human , sticking out the sand .
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