Israel officially accepts Quartet proposal


Ad Honorem
Oct 2010
Really? The Quartet says all sides most adhere to the road map requirements. This includes the removal of the outposts and the halt of settlement expansion. I would suggest the Israeli government is not perusing these actions. It's accepting parts of the Quartet proposals but nothing that actually commits Israel to real actions. While Israel refuses to to meet it's prior undertakings and settlement expansion continues Abbas cannot return to talks. To do so would (a) seriously reduce his administration to a laughing stock and loose any creditability with it's own population (b) mark a complete surrender to the Israelis. The Notion that somehow expanding settlements while insisting that any solution take into account demographic facts on the ground is not unilateral action designed to circumvent negotiations is one of extreme Chutzpah. Any reasonable negotiations relay of a status quo, Israeli position that they can just keep expanding and be serious about talks is ludicrous. The Quartet , The UN, the US, all say that the Israeli settlements are illegal under International law, a violation of prior Israeli undertakings and extreme provocative and extremely unhelpful in the peace process. And yet they do nothing as far as putting real pressure on Israel to stop this activity. Thats where we are. Israel is slowly backing into a corner, very slowly deliberately and seemingly unaware of the dangers of its own crazed policy. Once the Two state solution becomes totally unworkable, and there is a level of Settlements in the west bank which will make it totally unworkable. There is only option is the fight to the death between the two groups.

What other options are there other than a Two state solution? The permanent non-citizen status of Palestinian in small and getting smaller refugee "quasi" states. How much further does Israel think it can push the Palestinians back?

Abbas will not last much longer, any change in the Palestinain leadership is likely to just give up. The Peace Process has enabled the Israelis to just expand slowly and steadily without almost anything to show from the Palestinian perspective, roadblocks are removed, then come back.