It Just Keeps Trucking -- Eight Years of Opportunity


Ad Honorem
Aug 2011
If it takes weeks to take a measurement, because of the half life, I'll bet it could be going for another decade maybe?

The other one lost a wheel and eventually stop responding, but this is probably good evidence that humans might not be a priority for mars, but instead maybe a moonbase?

I have read that if they did get humans out to Mars it might be more of an outpost as well, on one of Mars asteroid like moons due to the low escape velocity requirements.

Space colonization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The moons of Mars may be a target for space colonization. Low delta-v is needed to reach the Earth from Phobos and Deimos, allowing delivery of material to cislunar space, as well as transport around the Martian system. The moons themselves may be suitable for habitation, with methods similar to those for asteroids.
There is no citation to that, so I am probably not being very accurate.