Italian documents

May 2019
Recently I came into possesion of a very old handwritten Italian document from a storage auction unit which was owned by an Itallian immigrant. The document is several pages long and is stamped and notorized by what looks to be a governmental body. This document (which I attached to this email) looks like it could have some value or significance, therefore I did not want to simply throw it away. Please look over this document and let me know if in fact it has value or is of significance in any way.



Forum Staff
Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Those documents are not Italian ... this is the problem. Cursive writing from Southern Kingdom ... unfortunately I'm an Alpine. In that historical period in Southern Italy they didn't write in a typical standard Italian way [Italian comes from Tuscany].

No, I cannot read those documents, you need an educated person from Naples with a knowledge about XIX cursive.

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