Jacques Chirac by his people

Jan 2014
Hello all,
Since the recent dead of ex french pm and president Jacques Chirac, I've been reading about it..
I know that its still a very recent topic, but if I'm allowed, can I ask the frech members (and others that know well recent french history) whats your opinion on Chirac?
Thank you.


Ad Honoris
May 2014
I think that it would be more prudent to do this via PM (personal messaging) since a lot of Chirac's political life was after 1991. This forum has a 1991 cutoff for historical events.
May 2017
After the WWII,Chirac was a good friend of the PCF.He had participated to the manifest of Stockholm which was opposed to the use of the atomic bomb against his friends.In the purpose to not be identified by his mother,who made her shopping all the saturdays on the boulevard Saint Germain,he decided to change of sector,and finally sold the newspaper "L humanite",created by Jean Jaures (assassinated in 1914) at the entrance of the university of the Sorbonne,reason why thousands of teachers remember him.
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Sep 2013
As usual, very unpopular once elected, glorified once dead.

What I can remember from him:

put an end to conscription and professionalized the army
said no to the war in Iraq
put an end to nuclear tests in Polynesia
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May 2017
And also recognized the responsability of the administration in the participation at the sad "shoa"....Mitterrand,who worked in Vichy in 1940-1941 ( prisoners of war s office) had just accepted the responsability of "fact" and not of "law" of the contestable autority of Vichy.