James Buchanan


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
Buchanan had pledged to serve only one term at the time of his election, if I recall correctly. It wasn't a terribly uncommon thing to do at the time.
Five of the first 7 presidents served two full terms. Beginning with Van Buren (8th president elected 1836) no president served two full terms until Grant (18th president first elected 1868). Lincoln was the only one elected to two terms in that period.


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Aug 2016
Between Jackson and Lincoln only Polk and Buchanan had pledged to serve one term. The others probably would have run if they had a chance to win. Van Buren was unpopular after the Panic of 1837. Harrison was dead. Tyler lost all support within his own Whig Party and was even accused of being a closet Democrat. Taylor was dead. Filmore clearly wanted to be president (he ran in '56 as a Know Nothing) but Winfield Scott also wanted the nomination in '52 and he was more popular. Pierce never recovered from a personal trajedy and was drunk most of his only term.

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