Japanese Siege Weapons


I know some things about Japanese engines of war, but I want to know more.
Maybe someone has any pictures of mangonels, cannons, or the thing that makes me the most curious: the Oyumi. 1000 thanks to the ones who will act in response for this request, for my hunger for knowledge is like that of a fox who sees a rabbit.

Yukida Kenji
Japanese Siege Weapons?

all the countries in ancient time were using almost the same Weapons to take down a city.

what kind of weapons should a troop choose is all depend on what kind of city they were going to take down.

as i know ,all the countries build their cities all look the same. to build the wall with rocks as tall and thick as possible. make a sawtooth so that archers can kill enemy easily and hard for enemy to kill archers.

to answer your question,i think to check Chinese history books is a good idea
As far as I know, the Japanese city differed a lot from most other kinds. E.g. in Rome, they built a great wall around the whole city, and the main objective of the agressors was to destroy either the wall, the gate of the food supplies. Also the Chinese had walls of eight metres thick, ten metres tall and many kilometres long.
However, the Japanese had the so-called Fan walls, but behind that wall, the ground was filled, up to the level of the wall it self. And so it wasn't really a wall, or at least not a wall you would bombard to debris.
On top of that fan wall there was a small plaster wall, I guess about a half metre thick, and two metres high, with loopholes in it. So i think their main purpose of the siege weapons was not to destroy the walls (maybe the gate), but to destroy what's behind those walls.
Additionally, those above-mentioned walls, were only around the castle and it's baileys.
The Japanese had no means to destroy a city, only to capture it.

Still thank you for your reply.