Japanese sources for Imjin War naval battles?


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Aug 2013
United States
At the moment I'm researching the naval theater of the Imjin War (1592-1598).

I have access to most of the Korean sources regarding the naval battles (Imjin Changch'o, Nanjung Ilgi, Annals of Sonjo, Book of Corrections) but I want to get the Japanese perspective as well.

What are the main Japanese sources that deal with the naval battles? Are they available in English or will I have to attempt a translation?


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Jan 2017
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AFAIK, Wakizaka Yasuharu left a record called Wakizaka-ki, Kōrai Funa Senki describes Angol'po and so does Shima gunki, Chillchoyang is described in Todo ke oboegaki, Todo Takatora also apparently left a record of his defeat at Myeongnyang. Now, I do not whether these sources are available in English, I compiled them from different books.
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